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Our Story

As the previous owners/operators of an upscale maternity boutique, sisters Becca Taylor & Kristy Olsen heard all of the joys and frustrations that a growing woman goes through. They realized there were a lot of common issues that weren’t being addressed by the fashion industry and there was a great need for clothing that would fit women from conception to delivery. To them, that also meant that these clothes didn’t have to be for only pregnant women. If they could come up with an apparel line that worked for the everyday woman, as well as the mom about to deliver, they could help people stretch their dollars and eliminate the frustration of those few extra pounds between which most women fluctuate. Finally, clothing could work for all stages of a woman’s life. As the first maternity line to cross the boundary between everyday street fashion and maternity, Lilac Clothing was born.

Meet the Founders

Lilac Clothing was founded by sisters Becca Taylor and Kristy Olsen in 2007. Coming from a family of 6 kids, their parents taught them that they could achieve anything if they worked smart and hard enough. They saw their mom design and construct dance costumes to pay for ballet lessons and start an in-home preschool for the neighborhood so her own kids could get an early start on education. All of the Taylor children (including the boys) learned to sew, enabling them to make and sell clothes, camping pillows, scrunchies (ha!) and anything else that was in demand. Little did they know, but between their dad’s lifelong teachings of recognizing other people’s needs and their mom’s tenacity & creativity, they were being raised to go out and make the world a better place. It is Becca and Kristy’s goal to not just help women look beautiful, but more feel beautiful.

Becca is involved in all aspects of Lilac’s executive and creative processes and loves that she is able to utilize both sides of her brain. If she doesn’t know how to do something she sees it as a challenge and learns whatever skills are necessary to help her reach her goals. She enjoys business management, strategic planning and analytical thinking, while at the same time getting her hands dirty in marketing, design and pattern making.  Outside of work she fits in as much hiking, biking, running, camping, fishing and skiing as she can. 

When Kristy isn’t wearing her business hat she is a very busy mother of four. You can find her cheering her son on at baseball games, watching ballet classes, shuffling kids to tennis lessons, and going on school field trips. Nothing brings her greater joy than being a mother. A perfect day for Kristy would be spent with her kids and husband boating on the lake. These are the moments when she is able to slow down and enjoy her family, making all of the hustle and bustle of being a working mom worth it. Having been through four pregnancies, and experienced all of the joys (and tears) that go along with it, she is able to understand and help address the needs of Lilac customers.

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